How It Works

100+ Women Who Care Northern Virginia was founded in May 2012 and 100+ Women Who Care Loudoun County was founded in October 2016. It is for women who are interested in making a positive impact within their local community, but who also have limited time and resources to give. To put it simply, we are giving circles focused on making an collective gifts to local nonprofits.

We get together four times a year to contribute $100 each to a selected local nonprofit for a combined impactful donation. We walk away with a feeling of genuine camaraderie and a heartfelt giving spirit.

Here is how it works:

  • 100+ Women Who Care meetings are held 4 times a year. Please check the Calendar of Events for the NoVa chapter or the Loudoun County chapter for their specific meeting schedule.
  • Members bring a blank check and commit to donating $100 at each quarterly meeting – or $400 per year.
  • Members nominate and present the nonprofits that are considered each meeting.
  • Members will vote by ballot on the nominated charities. Since the majority rules, members are responsible for writing their checks to the charity that receives the most votes – even if the charity the member votes for doesn’t win.


Anyone with an interest in supporting nonprofit charities in the Northern Virginia area is welcome to join us! To become a member, please fill out the Registration and Commitment Form online or you can complete it in paper form and bring with you to our next meeting. Be sure to indicate which chapter with which you plan to participate. There is also offer a team option for women who would like to participate with someone in order to share in the cost of the total donation.

Charity Nominations

Members who wish to submit a charity for consideration must complete and submit a Charity Nomination Form.  We encourage our members to nominate organizations in advance of our meeting by completing and e-mailing the form to the NoVa chapter team or the Loudoun County chapter team.

Note: Nominated charities must be recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code for at least 12 months as of the date of nomination in order for it to be considered for a matching grant. This does not mean members cannot nominate newly formed charities, it just means it will not be eligible for additional matching funds with 100 WWC NoVa’s matching funds partner.

  • 3 charities will be chosen by random drawing prior to the meeting and members will be notified via email if they were selected to present. Alternates will be selected if a member cannot attend the following quarter’s meeting.
  • Each member who nominates a chosen charity will have 10 minutes to present their case for selecting that charity for the group’s donation. The timing includes Q&A from the membership.
  • Presentations should be simple and not overly formal – we ask you do not include no PowerPoint, handouts or other marketing materials.
  • You must be a member in good standing to bring forth and present the charity.

Members who nominate a nonprofit should be prepared to speak briefly and answer a few questions from the members, such as:

  1. Name, location, and service area of the organization.
  2. Who is served by the organization?
  3. What do they do? How does this benefit the community?
  4. Are they a recognized nonprofit organization/501(c)(3)?
  5. How will the funds be used? Will they go towards a specific program or the nonprofit’s general budget?
  6. Who is responsible for the program/activity/organization that the funding will benefit?
  7. What is the annual budget of the nonprofit? How much goes towards administrative and fundraising?
  8. What is the size of the staff?

Charities that do not receive the most votes are eligible for nomination at a future meetings. However, once a donation is made to an organization, it is not eligible for another nomination for two years.

Charities must be brought forth through the formal nomination process as outlined above. We do not allow members to bring forth nominations or “spam” our social media pages in an attempt raise awareness or raise funds outside of our meetings. This will be cause for immediate removal from our chapter and our closed social media pages.


Checks should be made out directly to the selected charity at the end of the meeting. All checks are collected and presented to the selected charity.

  • 100+ Women Who Care does not administer any of the donations and does not retain any percentage. All proceeds go directly to the selected charity.
  • Tax deduction receipts will be sent directly to each member from the selected organization. You can also use your cancelled check as documentation of your contribution.

Meeting Locations

We rotate our meeting locations each quarter to accommodate our members and our large geographic area.  We typically meet in public libraries, as the use of their meeting space is free and there is plenty of parking available.  Past NoVa chapter meetings have been held in the City of Fairfax, Annandale, Tysons Corner and Springfield area. Loudoun County chapter meetings are located in downtown Leesburg.